Member Experience: Sydney Boyd

Sydney Boyd is the Lead UX/UI Designer for Vybrnt. Sydney has been with Vybrnt since the beginning, after becoming friends with Joel through BLUEprint: a peer mentoring program focused on offering cultural, social, and academic support to first-year and change of campus students of color. Her and Joel shared the same major at the same time and studied together frequently. She had expressed her interest in user experience to Joel, and in early 2020 he asked her if she wanted to help him design an app he wanted to create. Sydney knew this would be a great opportunity and was ready to get to work.

According to Sydney, her favorite part of working with Vybrnt is the culture and family-feel the team has created. She loves the honesty between the team members and that they push each other to be their best. Seeing her team members work so hard and be so passionate about the work they are doing makes her strive to do the same. The hard work and dedication is reflected in the Vybrnt App; this kind of work takes a lot of passion, and it is obvious that the team has it.

Sydney is proud to be a part of the Vybrnt team and feels it’s a great place for underrepresented students to connect, whether that’s in person or virtually. Because there aren’t many other platforms where students can find other organizations they’re interested in, Vybrnt serves as a place for resources as well as a place to get comfortable within a community. Sydney believes that people should join Vybrnt because the more users there are, the better the experience is for everyone. The app stresses the importance of diversity and inclusion, which is built upon having a large multi-representational group of users and having more users increases the opportunity for more connections to be made.

Sydney has loved seeing Vybrnt grow and how far they have come since the beginning. She remembers when they started out in a small room in the HUB-Robenson Center, and now they are giving presentations to capital investors, college deans, and even the President of Penn State. She says they have accomplished far more than they thought they could have by now and is excited to see where Vybrnt can go from here.

Sydney sees Vybrnt spreading to satellite Penn State campuses as well as other big schools in Pennsylvania. The lack of connectivity among underrepresented students is not unique to Penn State, and other schools could benefit from using Vybrnt as well. Sydney looks forward to continuing her work with Vybrnt and towards the brand's growth.

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