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Bubune Owusu met CEO and founder of Vybrnt, Joel Sakyi, at Penn State through a peer mentoring program called BLUEprint. Joel was a mentor, and Bubune was a mentee. Throughout their time in the program, Bubune realized that Joel needed his help with his dream of creating a social networking app that allowed underrepresented students to feel a sense of community.

“When Joel asked for my help, I was eager to contribute to making Vybrnt come to life,” Bubune said. “Penn State students benefit through Vybrnt because it gives them a form where their voices can be heard, a lot of times the

y go throughout campus, and they have an opinion but no one to voice it to - Vybrnt gives them a community of people that care and want to listen.”

Bubune, who is originally from Faquay Varina, North Carolina, feels that Vybrnt is important to him because he made amazing friends who support one another. He strives to achieve this goal for all underrepresented students at Penn State.

Bubune now holds the Customer discovery lead position, where he spends his time managing the team in terms of getting customers, hosting interviews, and analyzing data. He has strong faith in Vybrnt and hopes that the next steps for it will be to become up and running in college campuses other than just Penn State, and eventually open up to more than for college students.

Outside of Vybrnt, Bubune furthers his passion for making a difference with his hand-stitched line of clothing called Be Your Best ( and @beyourbestclothing on Insta!). He feels that his personal company has helped his work-ethic and being efficient as a Vybrnt executive.

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