Bringing a community for underrepresented students

We want to provide students better access to the resources and opportunities that will help them succeed during their college careers.

The opposition we face every day for the color of our skin, sexuality, and nationality ensures that we always have a steeper hill to overcome. I wanted to create this app because I know the more connections we can make with each other, the easier it will be to climb.

Joel Sakyi, Founder



Our goal is to create a social networking platform to provide resources and a greater sense of community for underrepresented students.

Our diverse, student-lead team listens to underrepresented groups about what they need to fulfill their college experience. We personalize each user's experience based on the topics they want to see using AI.

We've endured the same barriers many marginalized students face on campus. We exist to connect people with resources and a sense of belonging in a community.